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Fringe – An Awesome Season 4 Premiere

Fringe was admittedly already one of my all time favourite shows before tonight, but even if it wasn’t, I would still have felt that it was absolutely awesome. Coming out of a ratingwise dire, but creatively brilliant season 3 that ended with the disappearance of one of the show’s main characters, I was wondering what Fringe was going to look like in season 4.

Fringe has once again reinvented itself. This episode largely took the viewpoint of Ourverse Lincoln Lee, who has been a stranger to the Fringe division, but is still a familiar face to Fringe fans, as we have all come to know Otherverse Lincoln Lee as a member of the Otherverse’s Fringe team. By telling a story from Lincoln’s perspective the show managed to provide a good entry point for new viewers as well as a compelling story for long-time Fringe fans. Also we didn’t get too much interuniversal interaction, though it became pretty obvious that the two Fringe divisions do not trust each other.

The absence of Peter was prominent in the whole episode and I wasn’t surprised that the “man in the mirror” that had scared Walter so much turned out to be none other than Peter himself. Walter may not consciously remember his son, but I have a feeling his horror about seeing this strange man came from his subconscious recognition of Peter.

What amazed was that there seemed to be some flirting going on between Olivia and Lincoln. I am wondering, if Walter had never crossed over and brought Alt-Peter to our side, would Lincoln have been the man for Olivia? The Observers are apparently working on restoring everything to the way it was supposed to go, but the one that was supposed to erase the last traces of Peter’s existence from time decided not to follow his orders. He contemplated on whether or not to flip the switch against the backdrop of what appeared to be a church. Maybe I’m overinterpreting here, but I took it as a sign that this Observer believes in Peter, maybe even believes that the timeline is better of with Peter being in existence. A risky choice and one that will no doubt have tremendous ramifications.

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Fringe Season Premiere Tonight!

I just saw this video and thought I’d share. I’m super excited for Fringe to finally return to our screens!

What do you think? Will Peter come back and if so, how? And how are the two Fringe teams going to get along, especially the Walters?

Source of the video: Fringe’s Facebook page

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