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Something Strange and Deadly Discussion Week 3

We’re already in week 3 of the Something Strange & Deadly Book Club! Time’s flying!                                   


So this week’s question is:

Eleanor finds herself more and more intrigued by (perhaps even attracted to) Daniel Sheridan, the inventor of the Spirit-Hunters. What is it about him that appeals to her? And vice versa, what do you think attracts Daniel to Eleanor?

Then there’s Clarence Wilcox, the seemingly perfect eligible bachelor. Why do you think Eleanor doesn’t like Clarence?


What appeals to Eleanor most about Daniel is probably his lack of pretentiousness. She has grown up in a world where people are very superficial and indulgent, and always polite. Daniel is none of those things. When they first meet he brushes her off, not paying her the respect she thinks he owes her for being one of the Philadelphia Fitts. The relationship that develops between Eleanor and Daniel is more natural and unencumbered than those she’s used to and neither is afraid to call the other out on being wrong. Also, Daniel is certainly attracted Eleanor’s feistiness. The both share an adventurous spirit and are not afraid to voice their opinions, while at the same time caring deeply about those around them. I think those are the reasons Eleanor and Daniel find themselves attracted to each other.

While there’s nothing wrong with Clarence per se (I think he was just beginning to grow as a person when he met his untimely end), Clarence represents the stiff and formal world Eleanor hails from and that is precisely why she doesn’t really like him. She is too much of a free spirit for that world and Clarence would never appreciate her adventurous behavior or so much as understand her ideas, which of course would seem foreign and strange to a man like him.

I think Eleanor knows what she wants: to be free and independent. She isn’t afraid to fight for it and she has the guts and the wits to make it happen. She also knows if she married Clarence he’d appreciate her despite rebellious nature and her family’s lack of riches. Daniel on the other hand would appreciate her for having her own mind and wouldn’t care about a lack of money either way.

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Crown of Midnight Review

Today I’m reviewing Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas! I was so thrilled when I found an ARC of Crown of Midnight in my mailbox!

Simply put, this is one of the most amazing books I have ever read. This book has plot twists around every corner and things never quite go off as you’d expect them to. Sarah J. Maas is probably one of the most talented authors of our day and age!


Celaena’s story continues with a lot more action than we saw in the first book. She is now in full on assassin-mode, but of course Celaena still does everything her way and that includes snooping about the castle to find out what exactly is going on around her.

A lot of things that were set up in Throne of Glass come to fruition here and while some mysteries are unraveled, new ones turn up that pose even bigger questions.

I like the new characters that were introduced in this book and I’m sure they’ll have big roles to play in the upcoming sequels.

There is one character we have to bid adieu in this book and oh my, I did not see that coming.

As for Celaena’s love life, all I can say is: Without a doubt one of the best-constructed love stories in a long time. Nothing feels forced and yet there are plenty of complications and also, plenty of swoonworthy moments.

Now all I have to figure out is how to bridge one year of waiting for the next installment!

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Something Strange and Lovely Book Club!

This month the awesome Susan Dennard is hosting a book club for her novel Something Strange and Lovely. If you haven’t read the book yet, I can only recommend it!


This week’s question is:

Do you think, given the time period, Mrs. Fitt is justified in her demands on Eleanor? Why or why not?

First off, I think what Mrs Fitt is demanding of Eleanor is not untypical for the time period. At that time women, especially in the social class the Fitts belong to, were supposed to marry respectably and advance their family’s fortunes in doing so. They also weren’t supposed to have a profession and their reputation was paramount to their future.

So when Mrs Fitt demands Eleanor marry a rich gentleman to save the family’s financial situation, I think she is acting within normally accepted behavior for her time’s society. It reminds me of Titanic, where Rose’s mother insists Rose marry that bad-tempered gentleman whose money could save their family. I don’t think Mrs Fitt is intending to do Eleanor harm, I think she actually thinks she’s doing Eleanor a favor, when it becomes clear that Daniel will not be supporting the family financially (as I’m sure he’s supposed to by that time’s society’s standards).

However, there is a selfish component to Mrs Fitt’s behavior. She keeps spending when the money is (almost) gone and that is not only incredibly stupid, but also shows she’s more interested in keeping up appearances than looking for a solution to the problem which doesn’t involve Eleanor being married off to the next best wealthy gentleman. Mrs Fitt doesn’t make sacrifices herself, yet she asks Eleanor to sacrifice her choice of a husband.

Mrs Fitt is also incredibly snobbish. When she wanted to toss the parasol Daniel had bought for Eleanor I was near tears. I’m sure Daniel got Eleanor the very best parasol he could afford although he didn’t have to (I don’t even want to think about how many hours of work he put in for that money) and it’s just heartbreaking that Mrs Fitt wants to get rid of the parasol because it’s not expensive. That is very telling of her character. She cannot see the value of a gift given of a true heart and how much more precious than anything else that can be. She also doesn’t consider how much effort Daniel put into getting Eleanor home safely, with a parasol; she only cares about the family’s reputation and fears Daniel might become a stain on said reputation.

In the end I find that Mrs Fitt is not justified in her demands on Eleanor. Surely, the society of that time is to be blamed to some extent, for making women pretty much entirely dependent on male relatives/husbands to support them.  I also do have some understanding for Mrs Fitt’s personal situation, but I think she needs to grow up and go beyond what she’s always been used to. If she was willing to let go of her expensive and superficial lifestyle I’m sure she could discover the things in life that are more important than money and reputation. It wouldn’t have to be her ruin, if only she was willing to make a sacrifice or two.

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