Unfogettable – An Unforgettable Pilot

21 Sep

Today yet another new series graced our TV screen. I must admit that I was hooked on this show before it even aired. I like the premise and have always wondered what it must be like for a person who cannot forget. My biggest fear going into this pilot was that it maybe wasn’t going to be as good as the promos.

A lot had already been spoiled by those promos, e.g. the fact that Carrie’s mother suffers from some form of Altzheimer’s disease and that Carrie used to work (and sleep) with Al Burns. So the excitement wasn’t necessarily as big as it could have been if the promos had given away a little less of what happens in this episode.

The NYPD team comes acroos as a nice and diverse lot and I hope all these detectives will get individual storylines in future episodes. Since Carrie will hardly be able to be witness to a crime every week I am curious about how her walking in her own memories will figure in in future episodes. I actually enjoyed these recall flashbacks except the music accompanying them struck me as odd.

I liked how Carrie was introduced, because it effectively highlighted the different facets of her personality. She volunteers as a nurse at day and earns her money gambling at night, which of course isn’t that hard when you got perfect memory. Then there is this other side to her, the obsessive cataloger with an unresolved mystery.

When it comes to this mystery I really wish they had been more creative. After all we’ve seen this before on Bones and Castle. Bones’s mother was murdered and so was Beckett’s and of course these characters spent a lot of time digging into their parent’s murder. I reckon the same is going to happen on Unforgettable and I feel there could have been a little bit more variation on this common story element. Her sister could simply have been kidnapped one day, making her look for her everywhere.Something out of the ordinary would have been nice.

The chemistry between Walsh and Montogomery is spot on though and I already see this turning into the good old “will they / won’t they” relationship. I have hopes though that the writers of this show may put them together sooner than Bones did and therefore spare us the excruciating drag in the romance department. There is no doubt after this episode that they are supposed to be with each other. He kept investigating her sister’s murder after she left him (or he left her, they seem to have different memeories about that) and therefore never gave up on what he knows is most important for her. Still, he never told her as much to spare her false hope.

I am looking forward to see how this show will evolve in the next episode!

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