The Vampire Diaries – A Bloody Good Season 3 Premiere

16 Sep

The Vampire Diaries returned tonight with a mind-blowing season premiere.

As we all know, Stafan gave himself over to Klaus to save Damon’s life at the end of last season. Of course we all knew that would mean for Stefan to turn into a more Damon-like version of himself, but what we saw of Stefan today is likely beyond what we have seen  Damon do so far. When Damon and Alaric follow a lead that may lead them to Stefan they discover the bodies of two women that Stefan has ripped. Quite literally. As Damon points out to a rather surprised Alaric Stafan feeds on his victims so hard that he just rips them in the process. Luckily he has enough compassion for his victims to “reassemble” their bodies after he is done. Okay, that was unexpected. When Damon gives one of the dead ladies a little nidge her head just falls off her body, visually illustrating his point about Stefan’s habits.

Naturally Damon has been working to keep this and the other unsavory details of Stefan’s new life from Elena, who is still hoping Stefan is alive and well. When she finds out about this she is shocked and angry at Damon for keeping her in the dark, although I think she understood his good intentions. However she still seems to have hope for Stefan who calls her at the end of the episode. He doesn’t say a word but she knows it’s him and tells him to hold on to her love. Stefan’s determination to stay Klaus’s loyal ripper crumbles as he hears Elena’s words of love.

On another love-related note, Damon manages to retrieve Elena’s anti-compulsion necklaceand gives it to her as a birthday present. This is truly one of the most magical moments in the entire episode as it shows Damon’s concern and love for Elena in a way that we rarely get to see. I just thought my TV was on fire, because these two have one hell of a tension between them right now! Speaking of tension, Caroline and Tyler decided to release their tension in the Lockwood mansion. Too bad that Mrs Lockwood obviously doesn’t approve of the union as she shot down Caroline with poison darts as the sexy vampire tried to steal out of the Lockwood mansion. My first thought was that she had better stayed in Tyler’s bed, but I find myself increasingly curious what Mrs Lockwood is up to.

Apart from that, Matt is getting into drugs, Jeremy is still seeing his dead girlfriends, Alaric decided to leave the Gilbert kids to themselves and Klaus has it in his mind to create more werwolf-vampire hybrids. So much potential for conflict that I cannot possibly wait another week to see where this is going!

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