Burn Notice: Army of One Review

27 Aug

We’re but two episodes away from the mid-season finale of Burn Notice and I am starting to worry about where things are going for my favourite spy on TV, Mr. Michael Westen. Seriously, I knew that his “unburning” would not be all champagne and celebration, but right now it just feels like he is more burned than ever.

As I watched Army of One I started getting a  really bad feeling about the future of  Michael Westen. CIA bloodhound agent Pierce asked him for his files on the investigation of CIA agent Max, for whose murder Michael has  been framed by the real killer. So far he has been able to keep this knowledge from Pierce, but she is a tough cookie and very determined to follow every lead she can get. Seeing as Michael has not been able to get to Max’s real killer yet all blame will fall on him once Pierce reviews his files. Instead of forging the files to get more time to actually find the real murderer Michael got sidetracked this week into helping out on one of Jesse’s security gigs (that goes horribly wrong, to say the least).

Michael’s sidekick Sam was curiously absent for most of the episode which made for a lack of the refreshing humor that usually provides for a nice counterbalance to Burn Notice’s harder, more edgy scenes. It might have been done purposely to emphasize in just how desperate a situation Michale finds himself right now.

Also Fiona was still upset this week about how her relationship with Michael is developing. Not that she actually told Michael about it, but it was evident in her long-face-pulling mannerism. I would think that living under one roof with her, Michael would notice Fiona’s unhappiness with their current situation, but some big conflict is building up here that will probably come to a head in the mid-season finale.

It is certain though that Michael will have bigger problems as  Pierce casually let Michael know that she has “three times the manpower working the case now”, meaning that his files will get reviewed much faster than he thought, significantly cutting down the time he has left to find Max’s real killer. Even for the savviest spy on TV this should prove to be a big challenge. I can only wish him one thing: Good luck and an army of more than one. He’s gonna need it!

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